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Marble is a material that has been in use for thousands of years, it is a favorite material for artists and architects alike. In the past decades however, it has been used by architects only as a cladding material . Yet marbles’ quality lies in the gentleness of its curves, its cool reassuring feel, its inescapable yet glorious aging. With this series of marble door pulls we attempt to bring back the luscious feel of marble to simple everyday actions such as opening a door…while pleasing the eye as well!

All makeWorkshop door handles are crafted from white Dionysus marble, one of the most renowned marbles worldwide, due to its milky white smoothness, superb workability and superior aging (see Parthenon).

Most pull handles are also available in:

However, since we understand how¬† when one is using natural materials, it is essential to match the range of materials used in the building, we can create all designs in a wide range of marbles, and even use the clients’ marble to achieve perfect matching.

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Our concrete products are manufactured using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). It is a material that combines superb workability and detail reproduction with great strength. All products are available in natural grey (light grey) or dark pigment grey.

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